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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost

Less than you would think

Making the decision to undergo a weight-loss surgery isn’t always easy.  You have many things to consider and the gastric sleeve cost might be higher than you think.  Most insurance companies don’t cover this type of procedure and the cost can be as high as $30,000.

World Class Care from Angeles Hospital for $5,800

You might not be able to afford this type of procedure, even with financing.  However, if you choose Angeles Health, you can save over 55% with a medical travel package including everything you need for the procedure and the necessary support after the procedure.

Every gastric sleeve patient is assigned a Travel Coordinator to help with all the arrangements.  They will lead you through the steps necessary to make the right decision and will make all the reservations for you and your companion.  A full itinerary will be provided detailing everything you need to know about your trip and all questions you may have will be answered.

What Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico Medical Travel Package Includes

  • All pre-op & post-op testing
  • All surgeon & anesthesiologist fees
  • Dedicated US based case management before, during and after your trip
  • Hospital stay of 2 nights depending on the doctor’s post op evaluation.
  • All nursing & hospital fees
  • Door-to-door ground transportation from San Diego Airport to the gated private hospital for the patient and companion.

Additional Information

Gastric Sleeve Surgery CostsThe gastric sleeve surgery or vsg surgery in Mexico costs include everything you should need, depending on the post op evaluation done by your surgeon.  In some cases a two-night hotel stay will be necessary, but in others, you may need to book a longer stay in the hotel.  It all depends on how your body reacts to the surgery and how quickly you recover.

Within the gastric sleeve cost you will get everything, you need during and after the procedure.  This includes the support of a team to help you with the right diet and recovery program once you arrive home.  Our team of dedicated professional can answer any questions you may have and are available to support you throughout your entire weight loss journey.

When you become an Angeles Health patient, not only do you save money on the gastric sleeve surgery cost, but you also gain many bonuses.  You will get special rates on any follow up procedures you desire, like the removal of excess skin.  This is very common with extreme weight loss because your skin is already stretched out.  We also offer referral bonuses, which can be applied to the cost of any follow up procedures.


Please note that the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico at Angeles Health International is not covered by private medical insurance nor medicare nor medical in the United States. This is subject to your insurance provider and the terms of the your insurance coverage. For further information please contact your insurer.