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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery

Gastric Surgery Recovery

The recovery your body will go through after gastric sleeve surgery can vary a bit from one person to another.  The time after your surgery makes a very big difference and many adjustments need to be made.  You will start out on a liquid diet and slowly progress through pureed foods back to solid foods.  This process will help your body adjust to the smaller stomach you will now have.

Soreness is very normal after the surgery and you can expect to stay in the hospital for two to five days.  Your abdomen will most likely be very swollen and sore for several days after and your surgeon will prescribe medication to help manage the pain.  While still in the hospital, your medical staff will perform a few tests to ensure your recovery is smooth.  This will include a gastro intestinal tract test to ensure your body is recovering properly.

A liquid diet will usually last 14 days after recovery, and then a diet of pureed foods can last from three to six weeks depending on how your recovery is going.  Slowly progressing back to your normal activities is also necessary.  Follow up appointments will help to monitor the gastric sleeve recovery.

It can take anywhere from three to nine months for your stomach to fully heal and it varies from one person to another.  Some discomfort is normal, but should diminish each day.  You won’t be able perform any strenuous actives for as many weeks because any unnecessary activity could cause the wound to reopen or leak.

For many months after the surgery the only type of workout you will be able to perform is walking.  This will help to keep your blood circulating properly and you will start to develop the habit of low-impact exercise.  Once you have completely healed you can start walking longer and further.  By listening to the advice of your doctor, you will know what you can do and what you cannot do throughout the entire gastric sleeve recovery process.

After a weight-loss surgery of this type, you will need to make many changes in your life.  You won’t be able to eat the same way and learning how to eat slower will help you reach your goals.  Patients can expect to see about 60% of the expected weight loss to happen over the first year and usually full weight loss happens after about 18 to 24 months.

When you choose Angeles Health, you get a team of professionals to help you with the recovery process.  They will guide and advise you about all your dietary needs and you will be part of a full one-year program to help you achieve your goals.  Physicians, nutritionists, and case managers can help you to avoid any side effects and address any nutritional concerns you might have.