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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risks

Know Your Weight Loss Surgery Risks

Going through a gastric sleeve surgery poses some risks that must be considered first. Much like any other major surgery, there are risks that come along with it. Some of the potential gastric sleeve risks and complications include cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Not only should you look into the potential risks of the surgery, but you should also consider how this will change your lifestyle and your life after the surgery. The surgeon or case manager you work with at Angeles Health will discuss all the risks of the surgery with you and will answer any questions you might come up with.

Your family may not want you to go through with the surgery because of the risks, but you can give them the reassurance they need by finding out about all the gastric sleeve surgery risks before making your decision. This type of surgery can help you to avoid medical problems in the future because of your weight, but you still need to understand what complications you could go through.

The major risks and complications of gastric sleeve surgery only show up in less than 1% of patients. Choosing a top surgical team, like the one at Angeles Health, will help lessen the risks and will also give you the peace of mind to know that any emergency care you need will be provided.

Additional Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risks to Consider

General risks of surgery need to be considered, but other risks like developing blood clots in your legs and lungs, pneumonia, and the risks listed above, must also be considered. Your surgical team will advise in in the best ways to ensure these risks are minimized as much as possible. You will be given instructions to walk frequently and stay hydrated, which helps to lessen the risks of any weight-loss surgery through the first 30 to 90 days.

Some of the most common risks that occur after a gastric sleeve surgery include heartburn, vitamin deficiencies, and emotional side effects. Sometimes when a patient loses a large amount of weight, they experience some emotional changes. This is very normal and the help of a psychologist might be necessary.

All surgical procedures come with risks and weight-loss surgery is not different. Many of these risks are not life threatening and can be managed after the surgery. Those considering any type of weight-loss surgery need to weigh all the risks associated with the actual surgery before making their final decision. Keep in mind, with gastric sleeve surgery, you can greatly reduce your chance of arthritis, diabetes, and other health issues causes by obesity.