stethescope weightlossNew York Jets coach Rex Ryan has been very quiet about his weight loss surgery since he had it in 2010. But that’s not because he was worried people would accuse him of cheating, but because he was waiting until he had lost 100 pounds before he told the world of his achievement.

Rex explained that when he went to weigh himself at the end of the 2009 season (just before Jets faced the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game).  He knew he was a little over weight but was mortified by the number he saw. He was expecting to be 300-310 pounds but was actually 348 pounds, with a BMI of 44. This shocked him and he had to look at the implications of his weight. Rex says it wasn’t just about looking good but that after being married happily for 25 years he wanted to make sure he stuck around for a few more.

Rex had tried a variety of diets in the past and lost weight but always managed to put it back on again, and often with a few extra pounds on top. He heard about the success of other celebs that had had lap band surgery and decided to look into it for himself.

So in 2010 Rex had lap band surgery and now, two years on he weighs 243 pounds (BMI 30) and intends to lose another 20. Where he used to tuck away 12 tacos in one sitting, Rex’s lap band controls his appetite so he still feels full after just one; instead of ordering a whole pizza he’ll now order a slice. The difference isn’t just in how much he eats. Before weight loss, physical activity put Rex’s joints under too much pressure. Now he thinks nothing of walking for an hour or two at a time on the treadmill. His cholesterol and high blood pressure have also dropped.

Now Rex is ready to tell everyone about his weight loss surgery success:

“My message is: Do I believe in it? There’s no question, 100 percent,” he said. Rex convinced his brother, Rob, to follow his lead. Since his surgery Rob has lost 60 pounds. Rex may have swapped his trademark 48 inch pants for 38 inch ones but he is still the same coach that Jets fans love; just a whole lot healthier!

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