I had a great experience in Mexico with Dr. Juan Antoniono Lopez-Corvala and his staff. They check on you several times a day and are genuinely concerned. They are also very reassuring and patient with answering questions. They realize that it is a new experience from my perspective although an old one from theirs! I appreciate their ability to see it through my eyes. rnrnI did not research doctors or price before I went but now that I have researched it more fully, I realize I lucked out to have decided on him in the first place.rnrnI found the aftercare program to be quite lacking. They are available for questions but staff seem to only answer them briefly. I found the obesityhelp.com message board so I dont’ really need aftercare any more!rnrnI was particularly impressed with them letting me stay an extra night in the hospital because I didn’t feel well enough to go to a hotel yet. And no extra charge! I am also particularly impressed with how quickly I healed and that I had ZERO complications.