In the days before my daughter was to leave for Tijuana for cancer therapy, I decided to have LAP-BAND® surgery while in Mexico with her. This was scheduled to allow me to be present for her therapies AND to have time to recover from my procedure before leaving for home. My insurance had no benefits for bariatric surgery, so the $5,000 cost was most attractive.

We were settled into a beautiful suite and I was provided a bed in my daughter’s room. We ate her organic, low gluten, no lactose diet with supplemental snacks. The food was delicious. The cleanliness of the facility was just outstanding. The housekeepers fussed over us as if we were their relatives. I truly appreciated their caring and work ethic. Very different from US hospitals.

I am a nurse and nurse practitioner/midwife. I have worked in hospitals for over 30 years. I found Hospital Angeles to be a wonderful change from what is often experienced in US hospitals. Everyone from Housekeeping to the physicians were wonderful, friendly and helpful.

I met Dr. Lopez Corvala when I arrived on Saturday. As time went on, I met the remaining members of the weight loss team. On Monday I had my surgery. The evening after the surgery was a haze. Pain medication was delivered in a timely manner. I was as comfortable as could be expected. I am amazed that in the US, these procedures are done in outpatient facilities and the patients go home the same day of surgery.

During the surgery, Dr. Lopez Corvala found a defect which, in his opinion, required repair. This he did. There was no additional fee, he just took care of it. His integrity impressed me. This spoke volumes about this man to me. I have the greatest respect for him.