Some people think that undergoing weight loss surgery is the end of the journey, a magical fix that will have you slim and fit in almost no time. We, and you, know different. If you have had weight loss surgery, or are thinking about having weight loss surgery, you know that the surgery itself is just the first step on the road to becoming healthier. A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for you to achieve your target weight.


At Weight Loss Surgery Mexico we are proud to have excellent nutritionists on our team, who will offer guidance and support in the months following your bariatric surgery. We provide on-going support and advice as and when you need it. The rest, though, is up to you.

Getting active as soon as possible will play a big part in how quickly you lose weight, and will help you to keep the weight off for good. It will also help you to get healthier. After all, bariatric surgery isn’t just about looking good, it’s about the life-long, potentially life-saving health benefits too. Weight loss surgery can improve your heart, memory, and even prevent diabetes.

After your surgery the thought of exercising may be daunting and you may struggle to know where to start. Our main advice to you is:

Don’t run before you can walk.

By this we mean, literally, don’t run before you can walk! Don’t think about going to the gym or for a run in the first weeks, or even months. Take small steps; set yourself small targets for improvement.

Set a time and a place

It is important that you feel comfortable about your environment. Pick a spot (a flat one preferably) that you enjoy and where you won’t feel intimidated. Choose a time that suits you, which you can manage most days (at least 5 out of 7). You may get a snack attack at a particular time of day; this is a great time for you to go for a walk, to get you out of temptation’s way for a few minutes.  Whatever time, day or evening, pick a time that is practical and sustainable for you.

Getting started

As soon as you are ready after your surgery, go for a walk. See how many steps you can take, or how long you can walk for before you are tired. At first you may only be able to take 20 steps, or walk for 2 minutes. Don’t worry, just record your maximum steps for the day and, the next day, add another 10 steps, or another minute.

Keep this up, increasing how much you can walk before you’re exhausted, until you can comfortable walk for half an hour. Then up the pace; walk faster or, if you feel up to it, jog. Try jogging or fast walking for one or two minutes, then walking at a normal pace for two minutes, gradually increasing your jogging time each day. It is important to remember that things will get easier for you on two counts. As you lose weight you will have less excess weight to carry around, making all physical activity easier. As you become fit, what once seemed impossible, such as a 30 minute walk to work, the shops or a restaurant, will be a breeze.

Keep a record

It may help you to keep a record of your maximum walking time for each day, so that you know what you need to achieve the next day and so that you can look back and see just how far you have come. You can measure your weight loss and health gain in pounds and minutes walked.

At Weight Loss Surgery Mexico we are committed to giving people back their lives, their health, allowing them to enjoy their friends and family more, for longer. If you would like to know more about the range of weight loss surgery packages that we offer or discuss which weight loss surgery would be best for you, please contact us, for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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