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The numerous benefits of weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery are becoming more well documented as weight loss surgery is seen less as a cosmetic procedure and more as a legitimate medical intervention to cure a range of obesity related conditions.  There are a number of reasons why weight loss surgery is so effective so quickly. And the new diet to hit the States could help you to lose weight, control your appetite and save the planet, all at the same time!

The VB6 Diet

The VB6 diet, in short, means following a vegan diet before 6pm every day. It means that in the day you cut out meat and dairy and in the evening you eat whatever you like, as long as it is not processed. Sounds simple, right?

The diet was developed by Marl Bittman, who was warned by his doctor that he had to lose weight to cut cholesterol, treat his sleep apnea and prediabetes. The added bonus of this diet is that it helps to counteract the environmental effects of our processed-food, sugar crazy world.

Bittman was warned he needed to do something drastic; lose weight, take cholesterol medication, make some serious changes in his lifestyle, before the serious health implications of being overweight started to kick in.  His doctor suggested a vegan diet could improve his health as well as help him lose weight. Unable to contemplate a life completely free of meat and dairy, Bittman created his own compromise and became vegan by day. His self-designed, self-imposed rules are simple:

  • No meat or dairy in the day (although the odd splash of milk in coffee is, apparently, fine!)
  • No processed foods – out goes the granola, in with oatmeal, fresh (preferably local) fruit, vegetables and grains.
  • Eat what you like after 6, within reason: only eat home prepared food (most of the time) and cut processed meats, MSG and sugars.

One month in, and Bittman had lost 15 pounds; after another month he had lost another 15 pounds, his cholesterol and blood sugar levels were normal and his sleep apnea was a thing of the past.

Diet After Weight Loss Surgery

Following the VB6 diet after your weight loss surgery could help you to:

  • accelerate weight loss
  • help you to stick to your new dietary needs
  • help you to reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating food products that take a toll on the environment.

When you have your weight loss procedure, your nutritionist will discuss your eating habits with you before and after your surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you have had (e.g. gastric bypass surgery, gastric band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery), the amount and type of food that you can eat may vary. Usually eating patterns after weight loss surgery are split into four phases.

In the first two phases, where you will eat liquid and pureed foods, it will be simple to be vegan during the day. You can stick to smoothies and soups and treat yourself to a milkshake in the evening during phase one, or a little fish, ground meat or egg whites after 6pm through phase 2.

You can use these first weeks after weight loss surgery to practice being vegan by day. By the time you progress onto blended solid foods and then solid food you will be used to being vegan by day and will be ready to enjoy your lean meats and low fat dairy in the evening.

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